sperm~ a novel by Keith Moen

It was 1999. Against the backdrop of an unstable and blind future, an angsty teen, John Krowe, is facing his fears, his anger, and his hatred. Full of questions, John seeks out teachers. Uncle Joey, the wanderer. Suzan, the shrink. Pierre, the accomplice. Wind, the liberator. Krowe finds himself at the skirmish of the century- the protests against the World Trade Organization in Seattle. The world is changed. But is it a revolution? Life is a mirror. John Krowe faces himself, and he is forever changed as well.

sperm is free to download, read, and print:
PDF (small size- 5 MB)
PDF (high quality print- 41 MB)

sperm took 5 years to create including taking a year off work. Did you appreciate the story? Perhaps show your thanks with a donation to a good cause like Fair Vote Canada or Boreal Action Project or the Bear Clan Patrol. Please also email me so I can feel the love.