Vitamin R

I’m no scientist, but I do believe I have discovered that one of the main differences between store bought vegetables and ones bought from the South Osborne Farmers Market is that the market veggies are extremely high in Vitamin R.

My research indicates that it was really not that long ago that Vitamin R was in almost all produce. Somewhere around the 1950’s or 60’s our food growing practices changed so drastically, that Vitamin R began to disappear from our vegetables.

Vitamin R deficiency sparked some strange habits in people, like gravitating to eating items that more closely resembled plastic than food, and eating alone.

This decline peaked somewhere around the early 90’s in which Vitamin R was almost completely depleted in all produce.

This is shocking really, considering that I’ve discovered that eating foods high in Vitamin R is linked to a strong increase in personal gladness and comfort. In fact, there is a strong correlation between folks with sufficient quantities of Vitamin R and rash acts of kindness. One study showed that Vitamin R is linked to other strange behaviours, such as calling up long lost aunts and volunteerism. I think it is the miracle Vitamin!
Any way, I’m very thankful that in the last decade Vitamin R has greatly returned to the foods we eat. In fact, I’ve done some testing on the South Osborne Farmers Market veggies, and as I said, I’m thrilled to report that this produce is extremely high in Vitamin R. I think it has some Relationship to meeting the farmers.

But then again, I’m no scientist.

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